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Online travel websites for foreign tourists

Post Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:43 pm

I always surf on the internet and come across that two good pieces of news from travel agent, the price is cheap, the transportation is convenient and the most important thing, this travel is not only for pleasure, but we can learn its cultures and history. It is indeed worthwhile. bilbao is a welcoming modern city bursting with youthful and innovative spirit. Take a break during your Bilbao tour and relax in one of its parks, taste the delicious Basque food and finish your day enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Warm continental climate makes of Bilbao s weather a perfect ally for outdoor sports and the clean beaches down in the bay are always lively during the summer holidays. Wow, don’t you think it is very mysterious? perth is a unique, vibrant, fascinating Australian city which is known to be one of the most isolated of the world. I cann’t wait for that. I am eager to visit them ASAP. Have a nice trip! Don't forget to make full preparations for you trip!
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The beautiful scenery in Spain

Post Mon Aug 20, 2007 7:50 pm

Well done! Every year, a large number of foreign tourists traveled to Spain, castellon is a wonderful resort which is proud of its nice weather, enticing beaches, rich local culture and so on. Especially, there is still a busy place at night called Castellon, we can wine and dine at the numerous establishments that offer local delicacies and international cuisines as well. Wow, I cann’t wait for that. I am going to go to castellon spain and costa dorada spain which is very popular in golf courses.

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