The Best Hostels in Dehradun for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in DehradunIndia is a vast country with many layers and sides tourists from Canada are excited to see. In spite of the fact that Canada is a multi-cultural country, India itself is an exotic and unfamiliar setting for a holiday. The wildlife, terrain, language, and cultural differences from one end of the country to the other keep a tourist on her toes. Stop in Dehradun and find a place to stay which is at once cheap and convenient.


The best places to stay in Dehradun are partly familiar, partly alien. Facilities that provide access to internet give guests a means of staying in touch with family and western news easily and cheaply. If breakfast is provided, it could be a mixture of local specialties and western favorites. If western guests frequent a hostel, it is more likely to cater to their needs.

What are your needs?

Students love to come into contact with other travelling students from the world over. Backpackers are keen to meet travelling companions. Families hope to meet other families so they can share meals and watch their children play together.

A Quick Glance

You can tell right away from visiting hostel recommendation websites found on what certain hostels have to offer and what their downsides are. Most hostels have strengths and weaknesses. What you lose in character might be gained in hygiene. A loss of staff friendliness could be replaced with great security. It might seem as though you cannot have it all.

Still, most of the time, travelling Canadians will find places which seem to possess every relevant perk:

• A great atmosphere with lively guests from around the world
• A convenient location near public transport or within a short walk of popular sites
• Decent security to make guests feel safe
• Assorted rooms (private and shared)
• Clean facilities
• Common areas like a kitchen
• Friendly staff
• Free breakfast
• An onsite restaurant for other meal times

A lot of people in India, especially a city like Dehradun, speak English. This puts travellers from Canada more at their ease too.

Booking the Best Hostels in Dehradun

These days, a tourist can book his entire holiday without leaving his desk chair. With a computer and a calendar at his disposal, he knows the money he can spend, when he can take a holiday, and can see a map of the world. From here, choosing India and then Dehradun is as simple as reading the city profile.


You can learn all you need to know at, including important information about visas for Canadians traveling abroad. Check out the forums, where gives you the reviews of people like you who have been to Dehradun hostels!