The Best Hostels in Las Vegas for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in Las VegasEven if you just want to cross the border from Canada into the United States to find employment or attend school, there are rules. Before crossing the line and heading to Las Vegas to find work in a casino or a hotel to make money one summer, learn the immigration regulations.


Go to to see what sort of visa you need and how to get it. Also, explore the best hostels in Las Vegas for Canadians. Hostels in Vegas Using you can easily book flights and hostels from your living room chair. This is a one-stop resource, providing information about more than just prices. You can also read what fellow Canadians have to say about Las Vegas in general, and hostels in particular.

The best hostels in Las Vegas are much like full-service campgrounds. They have a games room, kitchen, internet access, and more. Read postings on the job board right there among fellow job seekers from Canada. You could be working with a Canuck, which would provide some comfort in an unfamiliar town.

Besides work, you will want to tour and travel. There is a lot to do in Nevada, including taking a helicopter ride. Take a trip with some new friends you made to the Grand Canyon. Book a tour to Hoover Dam. You saved money by staying in a hostel. Now spend some of it.

All disabled individuals should be able to gain access to hostels and other tourist facilities, but such is not the case. Check out the ones which provide wheelchair access and accessible toilet/shower facilities. Extra or Included There are a few amenities which are either extra or included depending on the facility you visit. They include:

  • Breakfast
  • Linens
  • Towels

Bring your own towels for a short stay and wash them when you get to a Laundromat or back at home. Rinse them in the sink and hang them outside to dry. Sleep in a sleeping bag if linens are not included. Even if breakfast is not included, there are always plenty of places to find coffee and a pastry in a big American city like Las Vegas.

Biggest Concerns

The biggest concerns consumers seem to have about hostels are value for money and security. Amenities, friendliness, and location are also important. Wherever you want to go, other Canadians have already been. Put their experiences to good use by comparing stories about theft at a hostel, the atmosphere of a neighborhood, how noisy or quiet it was, and whether families would feel comfortable.


There are hostels in older and newer areas of Las Vegas. If you want to experience night life and proximity to clubs or casinos, you might want to stay closer to the main drag. The older part has a quieter feel and is relatively safe.