Getting married abroad

If you fall in love in Paris, it would make sense that you would want to get married there. If your sweetheart is in another country, you will want to get married near to his or her family as well, but what kinds of things should you be thinking about? How you make this a smooth start to your new life together?

Getting married abroad is romantic, but there's a few things you need to know...

First of all, you will want to try to talk to both sides of this new family, have them meet, and get them acquainted with each other. This will allow your future planning to be easier and less stressful. See what each side of the family expects and what they’re willing to do for the actual wedding day. Some families will want to celebrate in both home countries, while others will be more adamant about having the nuptials in one place. Try to work out a compromise that will make everyone happy – as well as yourself.

When you have two weddings that you will be planning, this tends to be easier in a legal sense. Your marriage will be recognized in both countries because of these two binding ceremonies and thus any legal steps that you might have to take in the future can be much simpler. If you’re not planning on getting married twice, you may want to talk to both countries to see what is required of each for legally recognized marriages. This will make things like life insurance, wills, and other legal agreements much easier to navigate in the case of a death or a divorce.

If the distance is too far for either or both sides to travel, try to make sure to include them somehow in each of your wedding days. You will want to bring some sort of symbolism to the wedding away from home to show that your family is still there in heart, and vice versa. Remember that even though the families are not physically together, that you should remember to celebrate them both as though they were.

It can help to start thinking about planning some sort of larger family gathering at a later date that is more convenient as well as financially doable. Think of it as a later wedding reception and make the most of the time that you are together instead of dwelling on how ‘hard’ it might be to be apart. Just because you’re marrying far away from home does not mean that you don’t have a larger family to consider as a part of your new future.