Australian Immigration Visas & Work Permits

Visa types

The following lists are NOT exhaustive and refer only to the more common types of visas available.  For more comprehensive information on all visa types, please refer to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website.

The Visa Wizard can help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances.

Visiting Australia

1.  Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

2.  Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Referrals
3.  Tourist Visa
4.  Short-stay Business Visa (subclass 456)
5.  Working Holiday Maker Visa
6.  Transit Visa


Studying and Training in Australia

1.  Student Visa
2.  Occupational Trainee Visa (subclass 442)
3.  Other Sponsored Training Visas
4.  Student Guardian Visas

5.  Other Information


Working in Australia

Workers and Special Activities Visas (Temporary Visas)

1.  Government Agreement Visa (subclass 406)
2.  Exchange Visa (subclass 411)

3.  Special Programs Visa (subclass 416)
4.  Visiting Academic Visa (subclass 419)
5.  Entertainment Visa (subclass 420)
6.  Sport Visa (subclass 421)

7.  Media and Film Staff Visa (subclass 423)
8.  Religious Worker Visa (subclass 428)
9.  Other Workers and Specialist Entry Visas

Employer Sponsored Workers (Temporary Visas)

1.  Temporary Business (long-stay) Visa (subclass 457)

2.  Medical Practitioner Visa (subclass 422)
3.  Other Sponsored Workers (Temporary) Visa Options
Family Sponsored Temporary Visa

1.  New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary Visa) subclass 461


Migrating to Australia

Family Migration

Skilled Migration
1.  Professional and other Skilled Migrants
2.  Employer Sponsored Workers (Permanent Visas)

Business Development

Distinguished Talent Visa (Offshore) subclass 124


 Returning Residents

1.  Resident Return Visa
2.  Former Resident Visa (subclass 151)

3.  Re-evidencing of a Resident Return Visa


Other Visa Options

Doctors and Nurses
Regional Initiatives


The Citizenship Wizard will give you information on what to do and how to apply for Australian citizenship.

1.  Citizenship by Descent
2.  Evidence/Proof of Australian Citizenship
3.  Resumption of Australian Citizenship
4.  Citizenship by Conferral
5.  Renouncing Australian Citizenship

6.  Citizenship by Birth in Australia
7.  Adopted Children and Australian Citizenship
8.  Dual Citizenship
9.  Entering and Leaving Australia as an Australian Citizen
10.Other Citizenship Issues

Forms and Booklets

Our forms are subject to change. Generally, this occurs three times a year with fixed dates of March, July and November.

However, in certain circumstances there may be a requirement for publishing forms outside of these dates. Prior to submitting any application you should ensure that you have completed the most current form.


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