France Immigration & Visas

France and Canada have excellent relations, given our historical ties. As a result there are various Canadian specific visa programs and opportunities for Canadians to live and work in France.

The Best Hostels in Nice for Travelling Canadians

A trip to France can be made even more enjoyable when you know where to find the best hostels in Nice. International travel can be fraught with many problems including immigration as well as expenses. Looking into hostels can help you take some of the pain out of travel when you plan to spend more ... Read more The Best Hostels in Nice for Travelling Canadians

France Visas & Immigration Information

The following is a list of Visa and Work Permit / Immigration information and links for Canadians wishing to live, work or study in France. Transiting through France without going out of the international area of the airport : the Aiport Transit Visa (VTA) List of countries whose passport holders require a VTA List of documents required in ... Read more France Visas & Immigration Information