UK Immigration & Visas

Moving to the UK can in many ways be easier than moving to other countries for Canadians, thanks to our historical ties to the United Kingdom as well as being a member of the Commonwealth.

However, there are still many things to be aware of when it comes to getting a Visa for the UK and British immigration law in general.

Finding the Best Hostel in the UK for Traveling Canadians

Hostels in the UK were at one time considered dismal unaccommodating punishments for not having enough money for a hotel room.  They were little more than cold water dorms that demanded lights out at 10pm and lodgers drying their hand washed clothes on tepid radiators. This was not that long ago. But hostels in the ... Read more Finding the Best Hostel in the UK for Traveling Canadians

UK Immigration Visas & Information

The following is a list of UK Work Visas, Tourist Visas, and UK Immigration information - all information is taken directly from the Government of the UK websites - please visit them for the most current information. Visitors Visas Tourism or visiting friends   Transit Visas Visitors in transit (If you want to transit between 2 UK airports/ports or you ... Read more UK Immigration Visas & Information