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Lloyds TSB International Bank

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Lloyds TSB International is part of the Lloyds Banking Group, which is the largest Retail Bank in the UK. The Lloyds Banking Group was created from the merger between LloydsTSB and the Halifax Bank of Scotland. Their heritage goes back to 1695 and presently serves over thirty million customers worldwide.

Lloyds Bank is able to help individuals who have the following main needs:

• Planning a temporary or permanent move abroad
• Moving to work abroad
• Travelling abroad regularly for business or leisure
• Being paid in a foreign currency
• Looking to buy a property overseas

Banking with LloydsTSB International

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Whatever you want from banking worldwide, they are here to help every step of the way. The service is designed to match the unique demands of global life and living, with international expertise and 24/7 access to your money, no matter what time zone you are in.

Premier International Account ( PIA )

The flagship PIA is designed to help you manage your money abroad, with a range of Features and Benefits to make your journey and/or new life, a real pleasure.

An account can be opened before moving or travelling abroad, ensuring that banking facilities are available as soon as you arrive, taking away a lot of the strain and stress overseas banking. Banking facilities in a foreign country can often only be opened once you are established as a local resident.

The main features and benefits are as follows:

Offshore Banking in a stable jurisdiction helping to potentially remove the risks of political or economic instability
Access to £UK, € Euro and $US current accounts within the PIA
• Fee free transfers between the currencies and using a commercial rate of currency exchange
• Visa Debit cards in each of your currencies, which are globally accepted including online and telephone purchases, with unlimited debit transactions
• Access to a £UK cheque book
• Access to a wide selection of ATM machines, with unlimited free withdrawals in the UK and LloydsTSB ATM machines and other ATM machines on the LINK system
• Access to LloydsTSB branches throughout the UK and globally
24/7 telephone and On-Line banking
Free Travel insurance for travel alone or as a family * the maximum age for medical benefits in “Emergency Medical and Other Benefits and Hospital Benefits” is 65 years inclusive
• Comprehensive Free Concierge service for everything from travel bookings to destination information and car rental worldwide

Costs and Qualifying Criteria
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There are no initial set up costs or minimum contractual term associated with the PIA. If you keep a minimum balance in your selected main account of at least:

• If your selected main account is £UK – £2500 or
• If your selected main account is €Euro – €2500 or
• If your selected main account is $US – $3500

then there are no monthly fees for the account. If the balance drops below the selected main account balance during a month, then there would be a fee charged for that month as follows:

• £UK – £20
• €Euro – €20
• $US – $30

There are minimum criteria that have to be met to be eligible to open a PIA, as follows:

• Gross annual income of at least £50,000 * this can be individual or joint income and can include the value of certain employer provided benefits (or currency equivalent). A joint applicant does not need to have full access to the account, but their income can help the main account holder meet criteria.


• You will deposit/invest at least £25,000 (or currency equivalent) with LloydsTSB International within three months of account opening

The LloydsTSB International representatives can discuss and explore the qualifying criteria with you in more detail.

Other Banking Services Available

As well as a Premier International Account, you can also set up Savings Accounts and International Mortgages, such as the:

International Bonus Saver Account – instant access savings account, with interest paid monthly and can be linked to the PIA
Fixed Term Deposits – money can be locked in for a period of 1, 2, 3 or 5 years to generate higher levels of interest
International Mortgage Service ( IMS ) – this award winning product is designed for those wishing to purchase an investment property or second or subsequent home ( ie not main residence ) in a foreign country. Lending in 11 countries worldwide and in 10 main currencies, it is also available for re-mortgages.

Contact and Supporting Documents

The LloydsTSB International representatives are willing and available to answer any questions regarding the account and criteria. Please contact either Doug Wilkinson, Paul Viveiros or Mike Ammendolia at:

Lloyds TSB International – a division of the Lloyds Banking Group
North American Representative Office
865 South Figueroa Street, Suite 2690
Los Angeles, California
USA 90017

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To open an account you will be required to provide the following documentation or Certified copies of:

• Proof of ID – passport or national identity card or drivers licence
• Proof of Address – drivers licence ( if not used above ) or utility bill or council tax bill or bank statement or credit card bill
• Proof of Source of Funds – employment wage slip/contract or 6 months bank statements showing income and/or accumulated savings. If funds are coming from the sale of shares or a business or inheritance etc, then proof of this would be required.