7 Awesome Resources for Newcomers to Tokyo

Newcomers to Tokyo are in for a culture shock. The city is bursting with life and modernity while embracing the traditions that draw so many to this country. It can be dizzying to navigate your way around the streets and figure out how to do the simplest things, especially since most of the signs are written in Japanese. Fortunately, there are quite a number of English resources that expats can use to make sense of it all and get adjusted to daily living. Here are a few of the best ones on the Internet:

Expat’ Guide to Japan

This comprehensive expat guide contains information on every aspect of life. Here, you will be able to learn about Tokyo’s shopping districts, must-try restaurants, transportation network, educational institutions, entertainment spots, famous destinations, healthcare facilities, recreation options, and colorful festivals. You can also find out more about housing, cars, starting a business, and local customs.

Japan Guide

Newcomers guide to Japan will find a wealth of facts about tourist spots all over Japan in this guide. For those who want to settle here on a more permanent basis, there are articles on the cost of living, methods of searching for apartments, options for studying, and hunting for suitable jobs.

Metropolis Magazine

This online magazine caters directly to English speakers in Japan. It has the latest on the news, pop culture, upcoming movies, and events around the city. There are reviews on restaurants, bars, books, and more. The site also has interesting feature articles on a wide variety of topics.

Careers Cross

Those who are looking for a job in Japan can use Careers Cross as a starting point. The site contains ads that are fit for English speakers. Some of the biggest recruitment companies and multinational corporations have a presence here. There are multiple jobs available in accounting, engineering, marketing, and many more.

Gaijin Pot

Gaijin Pot is a favorite resource among foreigners. It contains thousands of job postings, apartment listings, and classified ads. It has very helpful articles on the intricacies of living in the country, tips for foreign workers, and inside info on the best spots for entertainment and recreation.


Locanto is a  site that allows users to post free classified ads. Think of it as Craigslist for Japan. People go here to find a place to live in, sell their stuff, enroll in tennis classes, buy cute pets, offer services, and many more.

Japan Family Guide

The Japan family guide is a blog for parents who want tips on how to raise a family in Japan. It has articles on childcare, educational opportunities, parks and playgrounds, finding healthy food, and so on.

Newcomers to Japan can take advantage of the resources listed above. If that is not enought, you can log on to Canuckaborad.com. There, you will find more resources that will make your relocation to Japan stress free.