The Arizona Relocation Guide

Arizona is a large state in the southwest United States. Its population is also large and growing because it is such an attractive place to live. There are many different inviting cities in this state, each with its own attractions. There are plenty of opportunities here for young people and families looking for work. The state also has an excellent climate for older people looking to relocate or retire in a warm, dry place.

Arizona Relocation Guide: Phoenix

This metropolis is both the capital of the state and the largest city. Roughly one million people live strictly within the bounds of the city, with close to another two million in the environs. Even after the recession, Phoenix remains one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

The economy can continue to grow because clean industries, such as computer and software companies, made this city their home decades ago. In addition to this, people are drawn by the many cultural opportunities and the vibrant night life.


If you move down here from a northern climate, such as Canada, the climate in Flagstaff might seem shockingly familiar. The San Francisco Peaks, must north of town, often bear snow even in summer time. However, the town is refreshingly warm in the summer. One of the main attractions for people is Northern Arizona University. Flagstaff is definitely a university town. Moving here is easy as the city is located right on the roadway that used to be known as Route 66.


Down much closer to the border with Mexico than any other large city in Arizona, Tucson sits amid the splendor of the Southern Arizona desert. This is a stopping point for some people on their way to enjoy themselves in Mexico. It also has many upscale resorts and hotels.

There are an abundance of opportunities to work in health care or in government in Tucson. It is slightly cooler than Phoenix and a little wetter. This improvement over the Phoenix metropolitan area convinces many to choose this city over others when they move to Arizona.

Lake Havasu City

Located along the shores of the Colorado River where it widens and becomes Lake Havasu, this city is home to the historic London Bridge. It is easy to find apartments for rent on the Internet when looking for a residence in this city.

Arizona Relocation Guide: Sedona

This is probably the most beautiful location in Arizona. The red rocks of Sedona draw visitors from all over the world. It is also known as a spiritual tourism center.

There are many more beautiful and advantageous places to live. If you peruse the Canuck Abroad Arizona relocation guide, you can find out more about this wonderful state and the opportunities that it offers to Canadians looking to move abroad and find work or a place to retire.