California Relocation Guide for Canadians

California relocation guideAs the largest state in terms of population in the US, there is no quick and easy explanation of California for non-Americans, since it is both massive and diverse.  This California relocation guide for Canadians, however, takes a closer look at the Golden State for Canadians coming to live in the United States.

California Relocation Guide: Where to Live

The general state is divided between the southern part, encompassing Los Angeles and San Diego, and the northern part including San Fransisco and Sacramento.  The southern part is like the Hollywood you see in movies — beautiful weather and beaches, but some of the highest population densities in the entire country.  The northern part is cooler and rainier and also has many people, but not in such a large area.  The central and eastern parts of the state are forested and mountainous, with much fewer people.  Since property values in California are higher than any other state in the nation, the only way to live in an inexpensive location is in a large city.

California Relocation Guide: Job Market

So many different businesses have headquarters and operations in California that there is no simple list.  One of the most powerful, however, is the computer software industry that operates facilities and production centers out of the “Silicon Valley” encompassing San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.  Computer companies like Apple and Hewitt Packard, with thousands of employees on their payrolls, hire new employees of all backgrounds provided they have the necessary skills in computer science or engineering.  One of the most glamorized industries in California is the movie-making business, and it is believed that as many as twenty million people are directly or indirectly employed by Hollywood’s movie studios.

The Culture of the State

Depending on where you live in the state, the lifestyle can be extremely different.  The southern region of the state has the highest proportion of Mexican and Latino immigrants, so those who love Mexican food and salsa dancing can get the authentic deal.  The northern part of the state is famous for its hippie culture, where facial hair and Birkenstock sandals are always considered to be in style.  The San Francisco area is renowned for its gay community, with pride parades and gay organizations or businesses that are without compare anywhere in the country.  Those who enjoy the great outdoors can thrive in California, where national parks like Yosemite brush up against towering redwood forests and ski resorts in the high mountains.

Any Canadian interested in moving to California needs to get the necessary information about living in a foreign country.  There is plenty of tips and advice available at for traveling Canadians, as well as facts about visas and work opportunities