Colorado Relocation Guide for Canadians

Colorado relocation guideThe demographics of Colorado are relatively similar to the demographics of Canada as a whole, making it an easy place in the United States for a Canuck to relocate to.  This Colorado relocation guide helps understand the state’s geography, climate, economics, and politics for a smoother transition.

Colorado Relocation Guide

Almost all the population of the state of Colorado lives on or within a few miles of the front range, the plains that hug the foothills leading up to the Rocky Mountains.  Since the only water supply in the entire state comes from the rivers that flow out of the mountains, there are few places to live on the open plain that have a population of more than a few thousand people.  From the northern city of Fort Collins to the southern city of Colorado Springs, the front range is effectively a giant area of habitation with few breaks in between.  Sprawl is typical in Colorado since the land is inexpensive and more and more people are moving to the state to live.

The Economy

Though Colorado has done better in the face of the American financial downturn than other states, it remains a region where unemployment and underemployment is common.  Canadians hoping to find a job can look at the large industries that employ the majority of Coloradoans.  One of the largest businesses is the beer business, since few states have more breweries than Colorado due to the close access to grain as well as the clean mountain water.  Small micro-brews may be less willing to hire, but larger corporations like Budweiser and Coors have factories and production lines that always need workers

The Culture

For a Canadian who is used to the politically liberal climate, Colorado may be a bit of a shock.  Considered a libertarian state, its inhabitants believe in and vote for personal and political freedom more often than they vote for social programs like medicine and unemployment insurance.  One of the biggest political stories out of the state has been the full legalization of marijuana: there are now more marijuana dispensaries in the capital city of Denver than there are Starbucks.  Canadians from British Columbia may be used to a lax attitude about marijuana, but seeing someone walk down the street with a lit joint can still shock visitors.

Colorado Attractions

Colorado is a great state for those who love the outdoors.  The highest mountains in the lower 48 states are in Colorado, including Pikes Peak.  Hiking, camping, fishing, and mountain biking are all popular activities in the summer time, while skiing and snowboarding draw in millions of tourists annually each winter.

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