Denver Relocation Guide for Canadians

Denver relocation guideUnless you have lived in a prairie state or near the Rockies, the state of Colorado can be an odd place for a Canadian.  The city of Denver in particular is an excellent place to live, but may seem quite unfamiliar in some ways.  Though there are employment opportunities and a culture that can be quite welcoming, there are several parts of a Denver relocation guide that may be helpful for those who have never been.

Denver Relocation Guide: Real Estate Market

The city itself is very spread out over a wide area since it is not particularly expensive to own real estate in the region.  The northern part of the city in Loveland is some of the highest-end real estate, with lots of suburbs and apartment districts that charge the highest rents.  Towards the western part in Lakewood are much less expensive houses, though the quality of life is lower and the crime rate is higher.  The southern and eastern region of Denver is industrial and commercial rather than residential, though there are some great places to live as well.

The Culture

Considered to be one of the most “granola” of cities to live in, Denver prides itself on its ecological impact — or lack thereof.  Green power is king, with solar energy grids providing enough power to completely run homes and businesses year round without need for fossil fuels.  Electric cars are also a common feature, though they compete with pick-up trucks for freeway space.  Many people enjoy Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains and take the opportunity on weekends to get out into the great outdoors.  National reserves like Estes Park are ideal for all outdoor sports and activities.

Denver Relocation Guide: Employment Opportunities

Employment in Denver is readily available due to the size of the city and the growth of the state.  As more and more people move to the state’s capital and largest city, there are more customers and opportunities for businesses.  Those with skills that relate to the geography of the city and state will be among the most valued.  For example, the oil industry maintains numerous drilling sites in Colorado as well as headquarters in Denver, meaning that every profession from petroleum engineers to skilled mechanics will have no trouble getting work.  Any Canadian who is eligible to attend college can get the necessary technical skills and education for work, whether they only take a two-year certificate course or a complete university education.

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