How to Find the Right Real Estate Team for Relocating to the US

Before permanently relocating to the US, you will have to first sell your home. In order to do that, you will need a team of different professionals who will facilitate the sale of your home. Once you sell your home, you can relocate to the US and start a new life.

The key members of your team are:

  1. The Listing Broker/Salesperson
  2. The Co-operating Broker/Salesperson
  3. Your Lender
  4. Your Appraiser
  5. Your Inspectors
  6. Your Lawyer
  7. Your Insurance Broker

Also on board:

  1. Your Home Security Specialist
  2. Your Moving Company

In order to take the best advantage of the strengths each member brings to the team, it’s important that you understand exactly what role each one plays in the process.

The Listing Broker/Salesperson

This person works with a Seller to market and sell their home. In most cases, the Seller will have signed a listing agreement with the listing brokerage which earns a commission for the brokerage regardless of who ultimately sells the home.

When you purchase a property which has been listed with a brokerage other than Sage Real Estate, the listing salesperson will share the commission with our brokerage

 The Co-operating Brokerage/Salesperson

This is the role played by your salesperson. A Co-operating Broker/Salesperson helps a buyer find the right home by searching for suitable homes, setting up showings, zeroing in on the right property, negotiating a deal with the Seller of the property, setting up any necessary inspections to ensure that the property is in good shape, helping their client obtain a loan at favourable terms, making sure all the paperwork is in order and much more. They work for you, the buyer, and are the number one member of your real estate team.

Your Lender

If you don’t have the cash on hand, you’ll need a lender to provide the funds for the purchase of the property. Many different types of mortgage loans are available (and will be reviewed later on in detail). Make sure the loan is designed to suit your specific situation. While a lender is an important part of your home buying experience, keep in mind that lenders work for themselves – not the buyer.

Your Appraiser

The appraiser’s role is to evaluate the property’s worth to ensure that it’s worth the price you’ve agreed to pay for it, and making sure that the loan is based on fair market value. While the appraiser works for the lender, their fee is paid by the potential buyer.

 Your Inspectors

There are many different types of inspections that can be obtained on any home, but the most commonly encountered ones are:

  • Building inspections (See the home inspection section for more assistance)
  • Pest control
  • Environmental (if applicable)

Your Lawyer

Your lawyer is the one primarily responsible for handling the paperwork involved in the transaction as well as he actual transfer of the home’s ownership. Your lawyer will make sure that you receive good title to your new property. Your lawyer works exclusively for you.(The role of your lawyer will be discussed in more detail later on.)

Your Insurance Broker

You’ll need the services of an insurance broker to obtain property insurance and whatever other types of insurance coverage you might require. (See the section on insurance for more details.) Insurance brokers both work for and are paid by whichever insurance companies they represent.

Your Home Security Specialist

While not absolutely essential, many people nowadays are choosing to go with home alarm systems for an added sense of security.

Relocation Services

Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to finding & paying for a good relocation company. You may find that any money you save by hiring movers who come cheap is spent in replacing items that have been damaged through negligence. Therefore, it would be advisable to hire relocation experts.