Kansas Relocation Guide for Canadians

Any Canadian who grew up in Manitoba or Saskatchewan may not find Kansas a particularly unfamiliar place, but Canadians not from the prairie provinces might be a bit bewildered by the flattest and most open state in the US.  This Kansas relocation guide has the insight a Canadian needs to survive and thrive in the Sunflower State.

Kansas Relocation Guide for Canadians

With some of the lowest population levels of any state in the country, there are only a few cities in the entire state that have a population of more than a few thousand cities.  Most are located along the east-west Interstate that runs across the entire length of the state, from Kansas City in the east to Salina in the west.  Outside of these cities, the majority of the state is fields of wheat and corn for the huge farms that are the big industry in the state.  Anyone interested in moving to Kansas should either be prepared to live in a small town or the big cities.

Kansas Relocation Guide: Job Opportunities in Kansas

The economic recession of the United States hit Kansas relatively hard.  Though there were never many of the manufacturing jobs that have been lost, it can be very difficult to find jobs in small towns that have only a certain threshold for employment.  For those who have no specific skills that lead themselves to employment in high demand industries (like medicine or engineering), it may be necessary to live in a large city to find any type of work.  The large farms provide lots of work, both specialized for biologists and veterinarians as well as unspecialized workers like farm hands and assistants.

Cowboy Culture

Since most of Kansas’ citizens live in rural areas, they embody the country west culture that is native to many of the big states on the open plains.  Country music and cowboy boots are a stereotype, but also a truth for most of the small towns where many people know each other’s names.  Farm meets and agricultural organizations like 4-H are some of the most popular choices for recreation.  If you have never been to a rodeo, you will certainly have the opportunity to do so living in Kansas.  In the large cities, conversely, the culture is much more cosmopolitan.  Kansas City is renowned for lovers of art and architecture, with more open fountains than any other city in the United States.

Any Canadian hoping to live abroad, and to be precise those seeking to relocate to Kansas can use the Kansas Relocation Guide for Canadians for all the information they need regarding their destination.