Moving to New Orleans: A Few Things to Know

New Orleans is a Mecca of culture, nightlife, education, enterprise and a relaxed, southern way of living. There are some things you need to know before relocation to New Orleans. It is wise to be prepared. New Orleans is a major, thriving city, and for the new resident, it can be overwhelming. However, a good effort to learn about expectations and preparations can make all the difference.

Tourist Attractions

Known as “the most unique city in America,” New Orleans can be viewed as far from normal. The city is nestled along the Mississippi River in the Southeast of Louisiana. It is within an hour of the gulf of Mexico, and has some of the best and freshest seafood in America.

New Orleans is known for world-famous high class food, a completely diverse and world-renowned music scene that attracts aficionados from the world over, a wild collection of historical influences from French-Creole culture, Spanish influence, southern hospitality and even Haitian Voodoo.

The American Quarter

The central site of business and enterprise is known as the “American Quarter.” For entrepreneurs, this area can be a goldmine. New Orleans has a thriving economy and there are an endless number of business opportunities in the “Central Business Quarter.”

The French Quarter

The French Quarter is a neighborhood influenced by centuries of tradition. Fans of music and culture would travel from as far as Spain and France just to experience the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street. Once a year, this area explodes into celebration during Mardi Gras, a world famous event that attracts hundreds of thousands. Jazzfest is another major draw, offering two weeks of music all across the city with over 6,000 artists. This is a great area to experience the full spectrum of New Orleans culture. The world-renowned cuisine, the epic nightlife and the thriving art scene are all prominent here.


Aspiring students may be thrilled by the educational prospects in this city. It is the home of 14 major institutes of higher education including the famous Tulane University, Loyola University and the more mainstream University of New Orleans.

Work Opportunities

There is a very strong, almost unparalleled sense of community in New Orleans. There is a higher density of local businesses that have a propensity to hire local workers. There are prospects in food service, an immense number of jobs in the bar and nightlife industry, many emerging breweries that need help and the high influx of tourists provides a wide number of jobs in anything from tour-guide to trip planner. Furthermore, the unusually high influx of tourist money can make it easy to start a small boutique, café or gift shop that might lead to a rapid business development and profit.

Entrepreneurial Upstarts

New Orleans has an unusually dense network of support systems for the business-minded. Business development agencies and nonprofit assistance groups are abundant. Many entrepreneurs have found this market a great place to launch promising start-ups and see long-term success.

All in all, this is a city like no other. The fascinating culture, history and unique opportunities in business and education make this an excellent place to relocate to. If you would like to relocate to New Orleans, the most fascinating city in the south, we at canuckabroad can help you find cheap flights, hotel accommodations and everything else you need to make your move as smooth as possible.