What Every Newcomer Ought to Know About Dubai

Going to the United Arab Emirates is not the same as going to other Arab nations. Newcomers to Dubai will see a global city that is well-organized and well-planned but before you book your flight, you should take note of the following tips to make the most of your Dubai holiday.

Avoid Ramadan

Newcomers to Dubai should avoid visiting the city during the Ramadhan period. What makes this a very important consideration is that no one, not even non-Muslims, can eat or drink while in a public place in the city and other cities or towns nearby. This is usually implemented during daytime but it’s better to just eat in your hotel room during this time of the year. If you’re a smoker and happen to be in Dubai during Ramadan, make sure that you smoke somewhere private because smoking in public areas is prohibited too.

Tourists Can’t Buy Liquor

It’s great to have a drink or two while you’re on holiday but if you don’t have a license to buy liquor, you won’t be able to buy any while you’re in Dubai. If you must drink, going to a bar is the only solution because only those who live in Dubai are given liquor licenses. Hotel bars and nightclubs are the only places you can go to so you can have that drink.

Weather Conditions

Newcomers to Dubai should visit the city between the months of November and March where the temperature is at an average of 20 degrees C during daytime. Do not visit during the hotter months of the year because this isn’t the best time to be running around the city to go from one tourist destination to the next.

Renting a Car

Because taxi fare is quite costly in this city, renting a car is a better choice, however, newcomers to Dubai must keep in mind that cars in Dubai are left hand drive. If you’ve never driven a left hand drive vehicle before, it will be quite an experience and rather dangerous. If you don’t feel confident driving this way, it’s best to just get a cab. Walking around the city is also a good way to get around.

Dubai is one of the best cities to shop in the region aside from Abu Dhabi located nearby. Ensure that you stick to your budget while in the city and always ask for a discount from the sellers. Asking for a discount is quite common in this part of the UAE.