Newcomers Guide to Brisbane

Australia has always been a popular destination for expats and though most of them reside in Sydney and Melbourne, a considerable number are now discovering the benefits of living in Brisbane. Newcomers to Brisbane will be pleasantly surprised by this charming metropolis which has been listed as the 16th most livable city in the world by The Economist. It manages to mix urban development with a notable concern for the environment. These, along with the lovely weather Down Under, make it a strong contender for anyone looking to live outside of Canada.

Employment Opportunities

Brisbane’s central business district is home to several successful companies which deal with financial services, information technology, and more. The city also has industrial zones which host petroleum refineries, paper mills, metalwork factories, and the like. Tourism is another vital cog in the economy and offers both full-time and seasonal jobs. Applicants need to send their resume and take a test before getting scheduled for an interview. It is common for these to be held in front of a panel. Punctuality is a must.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brisbane and the rest of the country is quite high. The prices of food, clothing, transportation, and other services could take some getting used to. On the other hand, the average salary here tends to be high as well, and even minimum wage earners can get by rather well. Some ways to save on money include the purchase of monthly bus passes, living outside the city center, and subscribing to bundled Internet services. Cycling to work is another healthy option with a 27km bike path along the river, the CBD, and the west of the city.

Leisure and Entertainment

Expats love Brisbane because of its friendly atmosphere, clean streets, and warm people. For most of the year, residents can enjoy an active lifestyle due to the favorable climate. There are plenty of parks to hang out at with the family and a man-made beach at the heart of the city offers a nice break from the concrete jungle. Annual events include the Riverfestival held in September, the Royal Queensland Exhibition in August, the Brisbane International Film Festival in July, the Paniyiri Greek culture festival in May, and the Brisbane Medieval Fayre and Tournament in June.

Other Things of Note

Although the climate is usually warm, sometimes storms ravage the city and cause the river to overflow. This can result in major flooding near the banks which is highly disruptive to business and daily life. Newcomers to Brisbane should also note that seasons in the southern hemisphere occur in reverse so Christmas here is sunny instead of snowy — something which can be good or bad depending on a person’s preference.