Newcomer’s Guide to Germany

When you are thinking of living in Germany, get as much information as you can before leaving Canada. Take in what other expats have to say about their experiences of short-term or long-term residency in Germany, where to live, what to do with spare time, and more. Although English is spoken in cosmopolitan cities, consider taking language courses. German is similar to English in many ways.

A Newcomer’s Guide to Germany

Look for information about living in Germany from and other websites written by travelers. Try, a useful and easy-to-use site which includes all of the essential details to help individuals make the transition to life in Germany.

Working in Germany

With numerous job prospects in Germany, there is ample opportunity for skilled workers to earn a living. Having a degree is not mandatory if a person’s skills are coveted, such as some technical qualifications and experience. Other positions needing to be filled can be found in the medical, engineering, IT, and scientific professions.

Housing Options

As with any country, houses and apartments are expensive w. According to some writers, renting is a feasible option even for the long term. Otherwise, if a person wants to buy, he should consider moving to a rural area. There is more choice and prices are lower.

Schooling for Expatriate Children

Children up to age 6 do not have to attend school, but preschool gives them the chance to prepare for regular school. Once kids reach the age of 6, they must attend an educational institution, one already paid for by the government, unless a family wants to place children in a private school for international students. Each state is different; one school will teach a particular subject while another state might teach something totally different.


Many people make their own entertainment out of an active lifestyle. To put a smile on these people’s faces, show them a ski hill, a place to launch themselves on snowboards, or an outdoor skating rink, all of which are available. In summer, there are beaches and boating opportunities. Cycling and walking are popular.

The cultural scene in Germany is rich with history and modern arts. Museums and festivals (local and larger in scope) entertain families throughout the year in various locations. Tours of the country lead new residents to some of the most famous places in the world such as castles and religious buildings.