Newcomers Guide to Houston

If new residents were to read a newcomers guide to Houston before moving there, they would be spared some of the discomfort associated with making a big move. Even though Canadians do not have to learn a new language or make a huge cultural transition from Canada to America, there are aspects of moving to any unfamiliar city which one should be familiar with.

Do a Little Research

Before moving, read up on Houston and surrounding towns. Learn more about Texas. Go to where other Canadians living in the U.S. post their experiences. Go to and read up on the basics of moving to this Texan city.

Job Opportunities

Looking for work in Houston is a matter of reading an internet job listing site and finding out who is hiring. Getting a job in the United States is much easier if a person possesses a skill that is lacking among Houston residents or people from the U.S. generally.Right now, postings include jobs for construction workers, electricians, and auto mechanics, at least in the skilled professions. Registered nurses are also in high demand.

Living in Houston

Like any sprawling city, Houston is made up of many smaller towns stretching out from its urban middle. Humble offers townhouses and houses from a modest price to half a million dollars, so there are options here for almost any middle class family. The surrounding area is full of natural landscape and beauty.

Katy, another suburban location, is close enough to the city to be convenient. At the same time, there are fewer than 20,000 people living in its apartments and condos.


The two towns named above also provide the extra advantages of being home to great schools. Not only that, but Humble connects to all leisure amenities so kids can stay active.

Recreational Facilities

With over 300 parks, this is an active city where serious athletes can train for a marathon and casual walkers can take a serene, attractive stroll. There is plenty of space to spread out with a spontaneous game of softball or soccer. Golf is popular in Houston. So are the arts. This city rivals New York for fine productions of ballet, symphony, opera, and theater.

There is an entire district devoted to museums. Most of them are within a short walk of each other. They include the Museum of Fine Arts and one devoted to natural science with an IMAX theater sure to please children.