Newcomers guide to Los Angeles

If you have been thinking of relocating to a city with great weather, great people and plenty of job opportunities, the newcomers guide to Los Angeles is just for you. Many people know LA as home to film and pop stars, but it is also a buzzing, culturally diverse metropolis that enjoys economic stability. It boasts world-class educational institutions and has the kind of nightlife most counties envy. Whether you are looking to further your studies or find a safe place to raise your family, you can be one of 3 million and more people who call the City of Angels home.

Accommodation in Los Angeles

Where you would like to live largely depends on the lifestyle you want, where you would like to work and if you are single or have a family. There are many affordable neighborhoods in LA and just as many housing options. Some of the safest and reasonably priced rentals can be found in areas like Westwood, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Studio City, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Long Beach, Encino and Valley Village.

You can choose between apartments and houses to rent or buy, with as many bedrooms as you need. You can get great, spacious apartments for under $2000. You also have the option of renting monthly, weekly or nightly. These neighborhoods are not only safe and affordable, but they have a vibrant social life with strings of restaurants, stores, parks and much more.

Learning Institutions

If you have children, you are in luck. LA has some of the best pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools in the country. You can enroll your kids in private, public and charter schools. The California State University has campuses and academies throughout the entire state if you or your kids would like to further studies. Qualifications are internationally recognized and the record of job placements after graduation is impressive.

Job Opportunities

LA has a healthy job market that provides job vacancies for locals and newcomers alike. Although the media industry is most prevalent because of Hollywood, there are many job opportunities available in other industries as well. You can also take advantage of organizations like the Workforce Investment Network, Westlake Worksource Center and the city’s Chamber of Commerce to receive career support and advice.

Social Life

The social atmosphere and life in LA is nothing short of incredible. Whether you are working or studying, you can enjoy endless wining and dining in some of the most loved districts in the world. You can spend long, fun days on the sunny sands on Long Beach, go shopping in Beverly Hills and explore cultural attractions in Pasadena. Los Angeles is one of the few places in the world where you can build a career and raise a family, and drive to the next district on a weekend for the best vacation you have ever had. Canadians seeking to relocate to this vibrant city should take advantage of the newcomers guide to Los Angeles.