Newcomers Guide to San Francisco

As one of the great cultural hubs of North America, San Francisco is a place that everyone from all over the world should visit, but many will need a newcomers guide to San Francisco.  This city has many great advantages as well as some disadvantages that everyone needs to know before they move.

Housing Options

No city in North America has higher property values than San Francisco, and anyone hoping to live in the city on the cheap may be quite disappointed with the pickings.  Forget owning a home, unless you have six figures to spend, and instead find a place to rent an apartment.  Don’t bring a car, since finding parking is a huge obstacle.  Instead, live near the BART mass transit lines to take the bus or subway whenever you need to get about.  Living with roommates is almost a certainty: if you have the chance to live with friends, book apartments well ahead of schedule.  Otherwise, try to find tenants to live with in the city.

Culture Clash

San Francisco is known for its gay community above all else.  For those who have only ever lived in a traditional setting, it may be quite a shock to take in.  While there are still many more straight persons living in the city than non-straight persons, you can be sure that you will encounter openly gay men and women nearly every day.  For those who do not mind the immersion, however, the gay art and entertainment scene is part of the city’s charm.

Climatic Conditions

The bay area of San Francisco is notorious for many things, most notably steady rain, winds, and clouds.  There are few sunny days in San Francisco, with a climate that is more like Vancouver.  Working in the wine industry in nearby Napa and Sonoma counties can be a great way to live in the city without needing to be chilly and damp frequently.  The wine industry is one of the strongest in the state, having survived the recession without so much as a blip.  While much of the recruiting for employment is higher-grade than typical corporate hiring, experienced workers can find positions working with the grapes that produce the great wine of the United States.

If you are considering relocating to San Francisco or any other part of the world for that matter, you should do your research about the country you want to relocate to. At times, finding the right information can be stressful, that is why we at Canuck Abroad have put together everything you need to go abroad.