Planning to Relocate to Hong Kong? Here’s What You Need to Know

relocating to Hong KongAre you a Canadian thinking of relocating to Hong Kong? If so it is important to understand that you cannot just board the next plane and fly out; you have to familiarize yourself with quite a number of issues with regard to this particular region of the world.

Where you can Expect to Live if you Relocate to Hong Kong

There are quite a number of ideal locations in Hong Kong where families and individuals alike can reside, they include:

  • Sheung Wan — This is a nice little suburb tucked away just a few minutes away from the city. Sheung Wan is well known for its dried seafood and so if you decide to settle here, you may have to contend with the smell of fish more so during the warm season; it is not that big of a problem though. Here too you will find quite a number of renowned restaurants and eateries. The average rent for an apartment is about HK$ 16,000.
  • Lamma Island – Located about 25 – 40 minutes (by ferry) from Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is home to Hong Kong’s hippy lifestyle. The average rent stands at HK$ 3,500.
  • Stanley — This is home to quite a number of expatriates and one reason for this is probably the presence of various reputable academic institutions. Stanley has a wonderful beach and a market. In the older parts of town, monthly rent stands at an average of HK$ 12, 000 but in other areas it is around HK$ 40,000.
  • Tai Tam — Not too far from Stanley is Tai Tam which is one of the most sought after both by expats and locals because of its natural beauty and quietness. Here there are wonderful views of the open sea and sprawling green hills. Monthly rent starts at HK$ 45,000.


Hong Kong has quite a number of attractions both for kids and adults. There is Disneyland which is ideal both for the young and the young at heart. For shopping lovers, the Ladies’ Market is a great place to visit; here you will find all manner of clothing, accessories and souvenirs at a bargain. If you want to “travel back in time”, you can make your way to the Clock Tower which was built back in the Steam Age and serves as a clear reminder of Hong Kong’s colonial heritage.

Economy, Jobs, Business

HK$ which has been mentioned a number of times is the symbol for the Hong Kong Dollar; this is the official currency of the land and happens to be among the top ten most traded on the planet. 1 Hong Kong Dollar = 0.132 CAD (approximately).

Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers of the world. If you have experience in trade, finance and commerce therefore you can expect to find a good job in the region. It is also a great place to start a business because of low taxation and very limited restrictions to commerce. As of 2012 the GDP per capita stood at more than US$31,000.

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