Planning to Relocate to Rome?

relocating to RomeWith a history spanning back three thousand years and known as a center of global culture, Rome is one of the cities in the world that every person should visit at least once in their life.  Any Canadian with the fortune to have a relocation to Rome in their future should consider the differences in Italian culture and the Canadian ways of life.

Tips for Relocating to Rome

Like Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, Italy has been sunk by the spiraling currency of the Euro and now is seeking a bailout in order to prevent a debt spiral that can seriously harm their economy.  The good news is that Italy is more productive than some other members of the Euro and that they are sure to have more career opportunities for Canadians.  Italy has a thriving export business, especially for luxury items like the sports cars that can go from zero to three hundred kilometers an hour in the span of only nine seconds.

Food and Drink

One of the greatest parts of living in Rome is access to authentic Italian food.  Unlike the restaurants you may find in Canada that merely heat up a plate of pasta, genuine Italian food is a symphony of meats, cheeses, and sauces that cannot be replicated without losing the great flavor.  The tang of olives complement the sizzling greases of lamb and pork sausages in all types of meals.  Canadians who are accustomed to North America-style pizza may be surprised to see what a real Italian pizza looks like!  The wine produced in Italy is some of the best in the entire world, so any meal can be improved simply by adding a bottle of red or white to the table.

History on Display

Above all, Rome has more history in a single square block than some other cities have in their entire area.  The ruins of the ancient Romans are on display, from the soaring coliseum where gladiators fought lions and elephants to the surviving acropolis where the senate gathered to debate policy.  Head over to Vatican City to see the frescoes of Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, along with works by Bottacelli and other Renaissance greats.  Museums stuffed to the brim with art dating back centuries or more can be seen along with relics from Italy’s recent history, such as the propaganda put out by the fascist government of Mussolini during the Second World War.  If history appeals to you, Rome is a perfect city.

Any Canadian living in Italy, Europe, or another new part of the world who is looking for tips on how to amalgamate into a new society can check out the facts and info available at to help plan out their journey into the unknown.