Planning a Relocation to Bangkok?

relocating to BangkokA relocation to Bangkok can be exciting and rewarding, thanks to the exotic characteristic of the country, the wonderful food and the warmth of the locals. However, it can also be fraught with stress, confusion and uncertainty, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with the country and its customs and culture. To make your move as seamless and as smooth as possible, use these tips to get you started on your new life:

Visas and Employment

To work in Bangkok, you will be required to obtain a work permit and a visa. A visa is issued for individuals who wish to conduct business or work in Thailand. Once you are in Bangkok, your visa may qualify you for a temporary work permit which in turn will allow you to extend your visa from 90 days to 12 months. To remain in Bangkok, you may renew your extended visa each year.

Job Opportunities

You could get a job first before arranging your relocation to Bangkok or you could scout for jobs during a vacation. Some of the top jobs for expats in Bangkok include:

  • Teaching or Translation Services
  • Catering and Restaurants (Skilled chefs are usually in high demand)
  • Management
  • Service Staff for restaurants and hotels
  • Cosmeticians
  • Medical Services


It would help a great deal if you choose which area or neighborhood you want to live in first before you scout for apartments, condominiums and houses. Traffic jams in Bangkok are legendary, so it pays to find a place that is accessible from your workplace. You could look up listings in local newspapers, magazines or online or talk to a real estate agent. If you have the time, however, try the more direct approach by looking up houses and apartments down the streets and small lanes called sois. Most of the vacant units may be viewed by walk-in clients, so you can decide which one is right for you. If you know a local you can trust, he or she may also help you find a place of your own. Or, you could find a helpful compatriot at any of the online forums exclusively for expats. If you prefer to live in areas where there are more expats, consider places such as Asoke along Sukhumvit, Thonburi across the Chao Phraya river or Thonglor.

Moving Around

Thailand will allow an expat to drive using an international license for a maximum of six months. Once that is over, you will be required to apply for a Thai driving permit. If you choose to drive, however, be aware of the traffic situation. You might do better taking a taxi, bus, a tuk-tuk or just simply walk to your destination if it’s nearby.


The official language of the city is Thai, however, many locals speak English. Many newspapers, magazines and shops also cater to people who speak in English and several other languages.

If you would like to relocate to Bangkok, we at Canuck Abroad can help you. We have a wealth of resources that can make your relocation seamless and hustle free.