Planning a Relocation to Helsinki?

If you are thinking about moving to Finland, one of the best options is relocation to Helsinki. The capital is the center for business, education and culture in Finland, and it has the most job opportunities too. Around 1 300 000 people, approximately 25% of Finns, live in the Greater Helsinki area that also includes the neighboring cities Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa. Foreign-born residents amount to approximately a tenth of residents in the area.

Reasons for Relocating to Helsinki

Helsinki is the best destinations for a foreigner to move to in Finland. Helsinki is more international than most other cities, and it is the center for government. It is one of the main centers for further education: there are eight universities in the Helsinki area. 70% of foreign companies in Finland are in Helsinki, and Greater Helsinki also has almost a third of all the employment opportunities in Finland.

Helsinki keeps growing as Finns from other parts of the country move to the capital. Unfortunately rents are rising fast and living costs are high. Today the city of Helsinki has just under 570 000 residents — it is a small city for a European capital. It is easy to move around and public transport is efficient and modern.


Helsinki has a more international culture than most other parts of Finland. Most of its residents speak English, and many Finns have excellent language skills in general. However small talk is not really typical in Finland, and you may find that Finns do not speak a lot at all at least before they get to know you. They are not being rude, but small talk or talking to complete strangers is not common in Finland. Finland is generally an equal society, and this includes gender equality.

Helsinki has a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs. Nightlife is busy and diverse, but also expensive. Nightclubs are especially expensive, but small neighborhood bars and pubs are more affordable places to go out. Helsinki offers a wide choice in theater, musicals, concerts and opera. There are many excellent museums, art galleries and regular events.

In the summer there are events, festivals and concerts every week. Summer nights are short and the days are long, and Helsinki residents like to make the most of the white nights. In the winter the climate is mostly cold and dark, and some foreigners have difficulties getting used to the darkness.

Learn the Local Language

If you are planning to stay in Finland, learning the Finnish language is important. Non-European visitors to Finland will need to apply for a residence permit.

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