How to Relocate to Dubai

relocate to dubaiWith bright sunlight and ninety-degree days throughout the year, the United Arab Emirates may seem like an entirely different world compared to Canada.  If you have the opportunity to live in the capital city Dubai, you will see marvels of design and engineering that no other country in the world can match.  If you are wondering how to relocate to Dubai, there are a few things you should know.

How to Relocate to Dubai

When one thinks about the Middle East, they rarely think about stability and open politics.  Yet this is exactly what makes Dubai and the UAE a haven for foreigners, businesses, and tourism.  The economy is strong enough to provide jobs for nearly the entire population, while the government has experienced very little turmoil in the past generation.  It is more safe to walk down the streets of Dubai than it is in a large city like Toronto or Vancouver.  All the same, there are some districts that foreigners should avoid, such as those far removed from the beach fronts.

Colossal Growth

Few cities in the world have grown at the pace of the capital of the UAE.  Dubai now is home to several million people and is expected to grow even further in the upcoming years.  This has meant amazing building projects, such as skyscraper apartments that soar hundreds of stories into the air.  The entirety of Dubai gets its water from massive desalinization plants that take in salt water from the Red Sea and churn out fresh water for drinking and bathing.  Many energy conglomerates have their headquarters in Dubai due to the availability of land and the proximity to the oil reserves of the Persian Gulf.  If you are a student of architecture and design, you could spend several days wandering about Dubai and taking in the sights.


Since the UAE wants their economy to grow at its present rate, they have been quite accepting about taking in foreigners looking for work in order to keep their companies surging on ahead.  At the same time, foreigners have a different set of laws to comply with in comparison to the natives.  While you may not need to worry about dress or behavior, the law dictates that a foreigner cannot own property in Dubai.  You must rent from a landlord and there are strict punishments for any violations of a rent lease.

If you are a Canadian thinking about relocating to Dubai or another part of the world, you need to be well informed so as to make the right decision. We at Canuck Abroad have everything you need to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Contact us today for more details.