How to Relocate to Ecuador

If you dream of scenes from the Andes or want to live in a vibrant city like Quito, then relocating to the Republic of Ecuador is the right decision. Learn how to relocate to Ecuador by taking a look at the tips below:

How to Relocate to Ecuador

The capital city Quito is one of Latin America’s historic centres. The UNESCO Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful cities in the region and among the most popular holiday destinations as well. While Quito’s lifestyle resembles that of the West, there are other places in Ecuador to choose from. Another World Heritage Site called Cuenca is also a good choice. The colonial city, located in the province of Azuay, is in the Ecuadorian highlands. This means more pleasant weather for expats coming from colder parts of the world. There are other places of course, and this includes the wonderful towns deep in the countryside or near the coast.

Get an Expat Connection Before Relocating to Ecuador

Establishing a network in Ecuador specifically in the city or town you are planning to move to will be beneficial. Contacting expats in the area will ensure that you get a hold of insider information because local information is essential for you to make an insightful decision on which parts of town are safe for expats, how much rental cost is, and how much you will pay customs for your personal items among other concerns.

Learn a Little Spanish

Ninety-four percent of the Ecuadorian population speaks Spanish so learning the language would be beneficial. A simple “si” or “no” will not be enough because you would need to buy groceries, get on cab and out of a cab, or say “thank you”, among other things. Getting a Spanish phrasebook is a great idea in this case since you will be staying in Ecuador for good.

Varied Climate Conditions

Because of its terrain, Ecuador enjoys variety in terms of climate conditions. In the mountains, the weather is pleasant all-year-round while in the rainforests and in its coastal towns, it can be a bit warm and humid. You will be needing jackets at night if you are staying in the highlands and light clothing during the day for the rest of the country.

In the Pacific coastal areas, there is a need to brace for tropical storms while in the Andes, you would need to prepare for a dry climate.

Living abroad can be a difficult thing and it pays to know where to look for information and who to ask help from. Canadians planning to move to Ecuador should get all the information they need from Canuck Abroad. We have everything you need to make your relocation to Ecuador stress free.