How to Relocate to Hungary

There are few nations in the world more exotic than Hungary, a place where dozens of cultures and ethnic groups meet together to form a country.  If you are looking for a new place to work or live and are thinking about how to relocate to Hungary, there are a few things you should know about the country.

The State of The Union

Only ten years ago, Hungary was voted to be admitted into the European Union.  Since then, they have experienced a revolution in economics and quality of life.  While the average Hungarian is better off today than they were several years ago, the position of the European Union is uncertain.  Some nations may be leaving the EU in the near future, which would result in changes to the currency and job opportunities if smaller EU economies cannot meet their end of the demands.  Depending on how the future of the EU shakes out, it may be more difficult to find work in Hungary if the currency loses value.  If you are looking for work, however, and can speak English or French, it is possible to get a job as a language teacher, since dozens of languages are spoken across Hungary.

The People

Unlike neighboring Austria that identifies as Austrians, or the Czech Republic that identifies as Czech, there is no one distinct ethnic or linguistic group that make up Hungary.  Instead, the nation is a hodge-podge of Slavic people, German-speaking ethnic compositions, Romanians, Croates, Slovaks, and Roma gypsies.  As such, it is possible to travel an hour from one city to another and experience a collection of people who speak an entirely different language and have different customs.  While nine out of ten persons in the population speak Hungarian, there are further dialects within the language that make it even more complicated.  As one of the most non-homogenous nations in Europe, it can be a big change from those used to living in a part of the world where everyone understands one another.

Crossroads Of Empires

Hungary has a history that dates back several thousand years.  The country is particularly famous for having belonged to some of the largest kingdoms and empires in human history.  Beginning with the Roman Empire, Hungary was later conquered by the Islamic Caliphates, then nearly toppled by Genghis Khan’s Mongolian hordes.  After the Renaissance, it was amalgamated into the central European Austro-Hungarian Empire, who fought with Germany in World War One and would be broken up as a result of the treaty that ended the great war.

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