Relocating to Glasgow

how to relocate to GlasgowThe capital city of Scotland has been rated as the 57th most “liveable” city in the world. This is good news for the person who is considering relocating to Glasgow. However, there are a number of important things to know before moving there.

Working in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of Europe’s top ten financial centers. It is also a significant site of heavy industry like shipbuilding, mining and engineering. Because of this, Glasgow offers a range of occupations in the banking and finance, retail and media, manufacturing, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Living in Glasgow

When deciding where to live in Glasgow, it is important to know of its “satellite” towns and districts. For example, Paisley is to the east, Coatbridge to the west, Cumbernauld to the north and East Kilbride to the south. All of these areas are in the proximity of major motorways (M73, M74, M77) and a reliable public transport network, so that commuting to work should not be a problem.

Glasgow House Prices

Because of Scotland’s buoyant economy, house prices are rising in most areas of Glasgow. The typical three-bedroom property costs between £150,000 and £600,000.

Health Care in Scotland

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, which means that the National Health Service covers the general medical and hospital costs of everyone who lives and works within its boundaries. However, before moving to Glasgow, consider taking out health care insurance to cover your first six months or so until you settle into work.

Glasgow is Changing

Scotland is changing rapidly. At present, the country is part of the UK and a member of the European Economic Area. However, all of this may change after the “independence” referendum in 2014 when Scottish citizens will decide if they want the country to break apart from the UK or remain that way.

Lifestyles in Glasgow

Whatever happens, Glasgow is bound to remain a vibrant world city, one that offers its residents a wide range of lifestyles. The town center has a range of museums and art galleries, and offers cultural activities like theater-going, opera and ballet. Sporting people may play golf and cricket in one of the many parks on Glasgow’s South Side. Because of its proximity to the coast, there are opportunities for sailing and fishing.


On a final note, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest educational establishment in the English-speaking world, and the city will be the site of the Summer Youth Olympics in 2018. If you need more information on how to Relocate to Glasgow, visit for a full list of Canadian embassies and consulates, and Canadian expat groups.