Considering Relocation to Ireland?

relocating to IrelandExciting as moving to Ireland will be, you will still have to concentrate on some issues if you want this move to be successful. Going to live in another country can be a wonderful experience but it would be a shame to let it all be ruined by inadequate preparations. You will not be able to enjoy the new sights, new food and amazing beer that they have in Ireland if you do not take heed of a few tips about relocation to Ireland.

Tips for Relocating to Ireland

You cannot overlook the immigration paperwork. In order to visit Ireland, you will need a passport. If you want to stay for more than a few months, then you will need a visa. There are a wide variety of visas available and you should not assume that you will be best satisfied by just some sort of basic visa. For instance, if you plan on going to school as well, you might be able to get a student visa. Talk with someone at Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs for more information before you make the big move.


You may already have permanent living arrangements worked out before you leave but it is not necessary. You can arrange for temporary housing in hotels or even find short-term apartments. The Irish Tourist Board maintains a list of all the hostels in the country. Whenever you want to arrange permanent housing, you should go to the Daft website. People rent and sell their apartments and houses via this website in Ireland.


You may or may not have a job lined up in Ireland. Even if you do, though, you may have family members coming with you who do not have work and will want employment after they arrive. People living in Ireland use a variety of websites to look for jobs. However, you will need to make sure that your visas permit work in Ireland. Do not count on getting job sponsorship from an employer. This arrangement allows the employer to pay for the work permit. This is only typical with very high level positions.

Culture and Politics

Do not assume that just because people speak English in Ireland that you already know what you need about the culture and the region. You will help yourself become accommodated to Ireland by learning about its history, language and politics. Ireland actually has a language of its own, Gaelic or Irish, which most people learn in school and is still spoken habitually in the northwestern part of the island. There are also aspects of Irish politics which you should learn and understand before moving.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to relax in your favorite Irish pub soon and forget about the annoying details of relocation. If you would like to relocate to Ireland, we at Canuck Abroad have everything you need to make your transition hustle free.