Considering Relocation to Israel?

Relocating from one country to another can be a major challenge especially if you are not familiar with the climate, culture and living conditions of the new country. If you are considering relocating to Israel, it is vital for you to understand the lifestyle and working/living conditions that you can expect in the country beforehand so that you can prepare adequately. Here are some of the factors that you should consider as you plan your relocation to Israel.


Despite being relatively small in terms of total geographic area, Israel’s climate is very diverse across the country. For instance, while Jerusalem city experiences cool temperatures throughout the year and has one rainy season each year, the coast of Israel experiences very cold winters and extremely hot summers annually. If you intend to relocate to southern Israel, it is important to note that this area often has desert-like climate with intensely hot days and minimal rainfall during winter.


Israel is a developed country that provides a great business environment for entrepreneurs. In fact, only the US has more start-up companies than Israel. However, it is also important to take note of the fact that Israel’s poverty rate currently stands at over 20%. This is quite high in comparison to other developed countries. However, there is a unique dimension in terms of poverty levels in Israel since most of those who live below the poverty lines are Muslims and conservative Jews.

Real Estate

If you intend to live in Israel for an extended amount of time, you should note that real estate prices are quite high in comparison to the current prices in Canada. However, most real estate companies in Israel charge comparatively low interest rates on mortgages. The rental property prices tend to fluctuate regularly. In view of this, it may be more financially prudent to buy a house instead of renting depending on the amount of time you intend to spend in Israel.

Job Opportunities

It is nearly impossible to get a job with a company in Israel while you are living in another country. Most companies only hire qualified individuals who currently reside in Israel. In view of this, you may remain unemployed for several months after your relocation. Nevertheless, Israel is amongst one of developed countries that have low rates of unemployment and you are likely to find a job soon. If you have IT skills or any other technical skills, your chances of finding a job in Israel are quite high since Israel has the highest number of technicians in any country’s workforce globally.


Before you relocate to Israel from Canada, ensure you carefully consider if the living and working conditions in Israel are suitable for you to avoid disappointment or hardship. Also, ensure you get in touch with a good relocation agency that can provide you with vital information on Israel’s immigration laws and requirements. We at canuckabroad have everything you need to make your relocation to Israel hustle free.

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