Considering Relocation to Scotland?

relocating to scotlandMany Canadians may have some heritage in Scotland or the northern parts of the UK, making the prospect of relocation to Scotland a great opportunity to see part of their past and ancestry come to life.  Anyone hoping to relocate to Scotland, however, needs to know a few things about the Scottish way of life.

The Economic Might of a Kingdom

The relationship between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom is not an altogether harmonious one.  Certain Scots have been pushing strongly for independence in recent years despite the fact that Scotland on its own would not enjoy the economic strength and stability and various assets that it currently does in the United Kingdom.

The situation may be familiar to a Canadian on account of how similar Scottish independence is to the Quebecois separatism movement.  While most Scots have only a very mild opinion on the union and independence, there are others who very strongly feel one way or the other.  It is not likely to happen any time in the near future, but it is an issue which looms over the head of Scotland.

Job Opportunities for People Relocating to Scotland

If you are hoping to move to Scotland and find a job, your best bet will be to gain employment with the thriving oil companies that have moved into the area to tap into the North Sea reserves.  These massive beds of oil, which have made the coal production in the UK nearly obsolete, have provided a huge amount of jobs and economic stimulus to a country that had been relatively sluggish before.  There are a huge number of open positions with these oil development corporations, especially for skilled engineers and technicians, as well as secondary positions with the companies that do business with oil conglomerates or the cities in which workers live.

The Culture

It is difficult to describe Scottish culture: a person must simply go there to see it with their own eyes.  One important thing to note is the rivalry between the two largest cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.  In Edinburgh, Scots eat fish and chips with brown sauce and cheer for Inverness; in Glasgow they eat fish and chips with vinegar and cheer for Carlyisle.  Outdoor activities are particularly popular in Scotland, especially the agricultural shows and fairs put on each year.  Highland games, comprising activities like boulder throws and tug of war, are also a great treat for any visitor to behold.  If you want to try haggis — sheep’s heart and lungs boiled in its stomach — do so with gusto.

Any Canadian thinking of relocating to Scotland needs the facts on their side before they depart.  Check out to get information on traveling and living in places across the world.