Considering Relocation to Switzerland?

relocating to SwitzerlandFor peaceful lifestyles, beautiful scenery, friendly populations, and thriving businesses, there is really no place on earth that can be compared to Switzerland.  Any Canadian who has the opportunity to live in Switzerland should seize the chance, though they will need to know a few things about relocation to Switzerland before they go.

Education System

The Swiss education system works much differently than the Canadian education system.  While nearly sixty percent of Canadians secondary school students who graduate this year will go on to a university education, the figure in Switzerland is much lower, falling to about one third of the entire population.  The remainder of students go into trades or other skills training instead of higher education.  As such, the job placement is fairly steady across the board, with minimal employment.  Any Canadian looking to live in Switzerland will need to make sure that they have a job beforehand, since the job openings are usually given to natives before foreigners.

A Blend of Cultures

No matter what part of Canada you live in, odds are good that your heritage is similar to the heritage of the Swiss.  This is because Switzerland lies at the border of three distinct European cultures — French, German, and Italian — and borrows heavily from each to make their own national identity.  With three different national languages, furthermore, nearly every Swiss citizen is bilingual, trilingual, or even capable of speaking half a dozen different languages, including English.  This makes it very easy for a foreigner to amalgamate into Swiss society since they are very forgiving of migrants and very receptive to new people.

The Alps of Switzerland

One of the biggest features that attracts people to Switzerland is the proximity to the might Alp mountain range, allowing visitors to hike or ski or tube down a river at their own convenience.  The Swiss ski resorts are considered some of the best in the entire world and you are sure to meet skiiers and tourists from across the globe who come to Switzerland in order to partake in the fine powder.  Bikers, hikers, and mountain climbers also come to these summits and peaks in order to meet the challenges of geography and gravity.  The Swiss are an active culture that encourage getting out into the open, fresh air.  Canadians who do not live nearby any mountains may find it a bit unusual, but are sure to find the fun quickly.

Any Canadian looking to live abroad, whether in Switzerland or another part of the world, needs to get the inside scoop on different parts of the world.  You can check out in order to get expert information on living and working in other parts of the world for your upcoming journeys.