San Diego Relocation Guide for Canadians

San Diego relocation guideSunny San Diego, the United States eighth most populous city, is an entertainment mecca known for its picturesque beaches, top notch cuisine and limitless shopping options.  This San Diego Relocation Guide for Canadians aims to present a quick, informative glimpse of the city. Location and Geography

San Diego Relocation Guide

Located on the coast of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, San Diego is famous for its mild climate, which many have referred to as the perfect year-round weather thanks to warm summers and dry winters. In fact, the ocean breeze allows many of the city’s inhabitants to live without air conditioning in the summer.

San Diego lies on nearly 200 hills and deep canyons, separating the city into mesas, which are elevated areas with flat tops and steep sides. Traditionally, San Diego residents have built their houses and businesses on the city’s mesas, while leaving the urban canyons untouched, integrating a natural and lush terrain into the overall cityscape. Additionally, the San Diego River runs east to west through the middle of the city, creating a river valley that divides the region into a northern and southern segment.


There are 52 individual areas within San Diego that are recognized by the city. Each area has its own unique identity, offering a wide array of dining, sightseeing and entertainment options. Some of the city’s most popular– and most exciting–neighborhoods are as follows:

  • Downtown (also referred to at City Centre): serves as the financial center, housing the Central Business District
  • Balboa Park: houses a 1,200-acre urban park setting with natural vegetation, gardens and walking paths.  Balboa Park also contains famous museums, several movie  theaters and playhouses, in addition to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. There are also a myriad of recreational facilities as well as several gift shops and restaurants.
  • Hillcrest: Known for its gender diversity and open, accepting attitude of alternative lifestyles. Hillcrest is filled with small businesses and independently-owned bars, cafes, restaurants, coffee houses, shops, salons, etc.
  • The College Area: home to San Diego State University (SDSU) as well as various stores, restaurants, and green canyon space
  • Mission Valley: serves as a shopping and entertainment center for San Diego, and houses a selection of condominiums and apartments.
  • Pacific Beach (or “PB”): a “fun” area, mostly populated by young professionals, surfers and college students
  • La Jolla: An affluent seaside community
  • Ocean Beach (or “OB”) a sleepy beach side community, with an emerging historic district

The major economic sectors, and largest employers in San Diego are as follows:

  • Military/Defense (The city is a major water port and home to the largest naval fleet in the world)
  • Tourism
  • International trade (due to the city’s close proximity to the United States-Mexican border and its status as a port city)
  • Manufacturing and research
  • Real Estate
  • Health care

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