Tips for Relocating to Greece

relocating to GreeceCanadians have probably heard a lot about Greece in the news lately, but those looking to live abroad should get the inside information on this Mediterranean country.  The best tips for relocating to Greece can help any Canadian get accustomed to living in a new land.

The EU Pinch

Much of the future of Greece will be determined this summer when decisions on Greece’s part in the European Union will be made.  As it stands right now, Greece’s debt is simply too large to ever allow them to pay their way out of it — several times the nation’s gross domestic product — meaning that they will either declare bankruptcy or require a bailout by an EU member nation (likely Germany and/or France).  Some Greeks prefer to stay with the Euro, others want to go their own way, but it is likely that the economy would be seriously harmed if they were to withdraw from the EU.

Job Opportunities

Regardless of whether or not the Euro remains the currency of the nation, there will be plenty of jobs available once the situation is sorted out.  This is because Greece is not only a nation that has many people with a high standard of life, but also because much of the shipping of the world comes through Greek ports.  The largest cities like Athens are notorious for running extensive shipping lanes to Asia, Africa, and Europe, meaning that any career opportunities are sure to flourish if they are connected directly or indirectly with the shipping industry.

The Greek Lifestyle

A Canadian used to working forty or fifty hours a week in order to get by may be surprised by the Greek style of life and work.  In Greece, how hard you work is strictly limited by the government, as there is a thirty hour workweek with lots of vacation time and early retirement with a pension, making it one of the easiest places in the world to work for a living.

While this is threatened by the existing structure, it has become a lifestyle in which people live at ease, looking forward to ouzo hours with co-workers instead of work projects.  Greek food, furthermore, is some of the best in the world, with lamb stews and stuffed grape leaves and chickpea hummus that are sure to make your mouth water, even if it does look a bit different from Canadian cuisine.  Enjoy a good Greek wine, the nation that invented wine, along with it.

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