Tips for Relocating to India

relocating to IndiaThe prospect of moving to India can be overwhelming. It should not be so. After squaring away some basic preparations and knowledge, any interested Canadian can find a rich, new and prosperous life in this diverse country steeped in mythical traditions and a colorful, widely appealing culture. Here are a few basic tips for relocating to India that can benefit anyone hoping to make this transition.

Tips for Relocating to India

Many travelers to India find it easy to locate and interact with English-speaking citizens in all major provinces. It might be wise to learn some basic Hindi before moving to India. However, since English is spoken everywhere, the best approach might be immersive learning. Being submerged in the culture and the language is the fastest and easiest way to learn it. After just one year, many Indian immigrants have a strong grasp of the local language.

Living Arrangements

Finding suitable accommodations in India can be very expensive. There are small flats that charge a monthly rent of around 200 dollars all the way up to housing that costs around 7,000 dollars per month.

Cost of Living

The costs of electricity, water and food have rapidly escalated over the past decade. In short, relocating to India is not going to be a cheap venture. Be sure to speak with a competent travel agent about the best options.

Safety, Health and Security

The smartest thing anyone can do before relocating to India is to consult the Canadian Embassy over there. They will be able to furnish specific advice about the best regions to live in, any health concerns and how to find a comfortable, thriving area of residence.

Most agencies advice against moving anywhere near the Pakistan border. An influx of violence and terrorist activities there makes this area risky. There is no need to be alarmed, though, many other provinces and cities have very low crime rates and high security levels. It is necessary to seek a health care professional before moving to India. One should attain vaccinations for Polio, DPT and MMR. Doctors will likely recommend immunization for typhoid fever, influenza and a host of other region maladies.

Benefits of Relocation to India

  • Families can see a completely new culture and immerse themselves daily in a new way of living. This can open their mind to a more global viewpoint.
  • Cultural prospects are many. There are a plethora of festivals that take place, usually centered around religious tradition. These events are colorful, exciting, and unlike anything you might find elsewhere.
  • For families of Indian heritage, this can be a great opportunity to be closer to loved ones.
  • Many luxuries that are expensive in the west are cheap in India. Personal trainers, cooks, education and other great pursuits can be found very cheaply in India.