Tips For Relocating To Paris

tips for relocating to ParisEveryone loves Paris! A frothy cappuccino on a charming sidewalk cafĂ©, and an invigorating trek around the Eiffel Tower has been the dream of millions of persons around the world, but you are the lucky Canadian who gets to do it for real — and to do it long term when you relocate to the City of Light.

Tips For Relocating to Paris

Moving to Paris is going to take some work, and to help start you thinking about what you’ll nd to do, here are some tips for relocating to Paris.

Learn a Little French

Understanding at least a rudimentary level of the French language is essential to your relocation process as well as your early life as you settle into the city.

Learning even a few key phrases in French is recommended if nothing else is possible in time for your move. At lease be able to give greet persons politely, ask for and understand basic directions, and also to read your lease utility agreements with some measure of comprehension.

Getting Started

To make your life in Paris easier, you should set up a bank account as quickly as possible. Generally, it is easy to use an internationally accepted credit card in the beginning, using your Canadian bank account as your base. However, there are some instances where you will not be able to obtain services or pay for items if you do not have a French based bank account.

Where to Live

It is good to know ahead of time that many of the appliances you use in your home in Canada will not work in Paris due to differences in the voltage used in France. Be sure to check this out first before you ship any of your appliances, and besides, shipping is pretty costly and buying appliances later on might be the smarter move rather than shipping things you might not even be able to use.

In terms of housing, it is recommended to rent a furnished home in the early days of arrival as these would afford you the comforts of appliances that you can use with the city’s voltage requirements. Later on, when you’ve settle for good in Paris, you can purchase appliances with the appropriate voltage to move into your new home. To get some money for this, you can even sell your appliances you left in Canada.

Immigration Requirements

There are several immigration requirements you will have to meet before moving to Paris. For instance, you will have to obtain government permission to stay in France for a period longer than three months. In addition, you will have to get your visa for France before you leave Canada as you cannot get it while there.

However, there is no need for you to worry about the immigration requirements of relocating to Paris. We at Canuck Abroad, a professional travel and immigration consultant in Canada, can help you successfully navigate the road to obtaining all the documents and permissions you will need to get to arrive successfully at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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