Tips for Relocating to San Francisco

relocating to San FranciscoNo city in North America has the charm and culture of San Francisco.  Any Canadian owes it to themselves to visit the city, but those who are looking for tips for relocating to San Francisco on a permanent or semi-permanent basis should know several things about living in this part of northern California.

Cost Of Living

San Francisco has the highest cost of living in North America.  The average cost of a house is twice that of Canada and three times that of small-population provinces like Manitoba.  This means that anyone hoping to live in the city on the cheap will have difficulty finding an inexpensive place to stay.  The best solution for saving money is to find good roommates (sometimes several roommates are necessary).  Renting property can be a way to minimize your costs, but purchasing it with a mortgage will allow you to create significant equity once you decide to sell the property.

The Culture of the City

San Francisco is considered to be the most liberal city in the United States.  This may not be an issue for some progressive Canadians. As a major source of the gay pride movement, San Francisco has a higher population of gays and lesbians than any other city in the US and the culture is quite inclusive.  At the same time, many residents are very friendly and willing to help neighbors since the city is quite cosmopolitan and very few people are native to the region.

Food and Drink

One of the great advantages of moving to San Francisco is the quality of the restaurants in the city.  Fisherman’s Wharf is the epicenter of some of the best fish and seafood that you will find in the United States.  Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl is the city’s main meal.  The Chinatown of the eastern part of the city has excellent restaurants and meals of east Asian culture.  San Francisco is proximate to the wine country of California, where production of nearly a quarter of the world’s wine takes place, so you can get your favorite vintage right off of the wine press.

Any Canadian moving to the United States or another foreign country needs to get the inside facts on moving or relocation.  For more tips for relocating to San Francisco, you can visit in order to get the scoop on moving to different countries.