Tips for Relocating to Spain

relocating to SpainMoving is always exciting and liable to make you forget a few important things. Relocating to Spain is an even more audacious endeavor and likely to overwhelm you with details. Not only are you imagining a new place to live but you also have to prepare yourself for the beautiful beaches, the art and the history of this ancient but lively country.  To keep yourself focused on some important factors in your successful move, keep in mind the following tips for relocating to Spain.

Tips for Relocating to Spain

Believe it or not, it is possible to overpack for this trip. Even though you are moving to the country and not just visiting, you should not pack too much. If you have already packed clothes, your best choice right now might be to remove everything and start over. Ask yourself if you really need seven pairs of jeans and all those T-shirts. Also, consider the cost. It will cost you money to take all those clothes with you. For most garments, it might simply be easier to buy them new or used once you arrive in Spain.

Cost of Relocating to Spain

No matter how careful and meticulous you are with your calculations, moving to Spain will probably be more expensive than you imagine. There are always going to be unexpected expenses in an undertaking like this one. Therefore, you should set aside a large cushion of extra money to deal with these issues.


At least familiarize yourself with basic Spanish before you go. Plenty of people will be able to speak English but you want to be able to understand the signs around you when you walk down the street and read a menu while you are out to eat. Taking an actual class may be inconvenient and not terribly effective. There are many online and digital lessons that you can take in your spare time or during your commute that will ease your transition into Spain.

What to Expect

You may already consider yourself a patient, Canadian type. However, your limits will be tested in Spain. This is a country that has unheard of bureaucratic problems. This country is famous for torturing expatriates with its slowness. Things run according to different schedules in Spain. Get used to stores closing for hours during the early afternoon and on Sundays. Also, lunch is a big meal in mid-afternoon and dinner happens in the evening as late as 9PM.

Being prepared for these issues and handling them while you juggle all the other issues involved in your move will be trying. However, you will probably find that things always work out in the end. Though it may take a while, Spain will eventually seem like home.

If you want to relocate to Spain, we at Canuck Abroad have everything you need to make your move as smooth as possible.