New York City Relocation Guide for Canadians

New York City relocation guideMany Canadians dream of visiting New York at some point in their lives.  However, some decide to take their chances and make the Big Apple their permanent home.  If you are one of those Canadians, you will need a good New York City relocation guide in order to help you acclimate yourself to your new home.  Resources such as Canuck Abroad can help you when you need help with problems such as immigration issues or maybe just some suggestions on affordable places to stay in the City that Never Sleeps.

New York City Relocation Guide for Canadians

Not surprisingly, New York offers a plethora of opportunities for those who know where to look for them.  There are many people in the arts and entertainment looking to break through in the industry.  If you are one of those types, you will find that many of them take positions in many service industries such as restaurants and hotels in order to get close to the industry types who frequent these establishments.  Of course, there are many other industries with New York being the center of the financial world if you want to go a different route.

New York Neighborhoods

Living comfortably should also be on the agenda.  New York is known for its five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.  A good guide should tell you the specifics of each district so that you know which will provide the most convenient living situation for you and your family.  Furthermore, you want to be in the borough that will offer you the best chances at finding your niche and living the successful life for which you hope.

You should also consider the lifestyle you hope to live when determining where you want to live.  For instance, artsy, bohemian types still tend to gravitate towards neighborhoods such as SoHo and Greenwich Village.  Downtown Manhattan is also known as an area receptive to a bohemian lifestyle.  If you hope to live in a multicultural area, you can look for residence in Queens.  Harlem still revels in its famous history if this interests you.  However, you can also consider Staten Island if you need cheap real estate but keep in mind that the commute can begin to add in costs.

New York City Relocation Guide: Cost of Living

Speaking of costs, this is also definitely something you can consider before heading off to New York.  You may find a range of amenities that can be inexpensive in one place but cost considerably more in another.  However, one of the advantages to living in New York is that you can find almost anything you need at any hour.  If you think you may enjoy running off to get bagels at three in the morning, you just may find what you want in this city. The main challenge for people seeking to move to New York is finding a reliable resources that can make their move smooth and stress free.

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