How to Move Your Belongings Overseas

Much of how you move your belongings overseas will depend on what you are bringing with you.  If you want to make the process simple, you will want to bring fewer things with you, and purchase what you are missing when you arrive.

If you plan on bringing all of your current belongings, you will be able to move them via:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • Road

Many international moving companies exist to help you move your belongings safely and affordably through a combination of these methods.

What you will want to do is talk with a moving company to get an estimate of how much it would be to ship the items that you plan to take with you.  Sometimes, it may be more cost-efficient to store some of your belongings until you can move them to your new home.

If you plan to move everything right from the start, you will want to start by carefully packaging the items in professional moving boxes and packing materials.  Some people find that paying someone to professionally wrap their possessions is well worth the added expense as these movers also tend to be insured for any damage that occurs along the way.

When you’re packing everything yourself, you will want to wrap it up more than you think is necessary.  You’re taking your things much further than right down the street, so you need to be overly careful.

A major concern for those that want to move overseas is when they need to actually ship everything so that it arrives when they do.  Again, the moving companies that you contact can be a tremendous asset in helping you determine what you need to plan, but if you’re afraid that some things might not arrive on time, you can always ship things to your new home ahead of your arrival to be sure.  Or you can bring them with you on the plane ride (not a lot according to new airline restrictions).

While you are contending with a much longer distance, what you may want to realize is that moving overseas is handled in much the same way.  However, with the larger distance, you will want to choose someone that is experienced in moving and is fully insured should something happen along the way.  It never hurts to check their references either.