Top Ten Things to Know About Shipping Your Car Overseas

Getting yourself overseas is one thing, but getting your car overseas is certainly more challenging. But with some basic information about just how millions of other people have shipped their car, you will be able to handle this task without any trouble.

1. Find a reliable shipping service – As with any major task, you need to be able to trust the shipper you choose. Be sure to follow up on references and records to be sure the company is legitimate.
2. How your car will be shipped – In most cases, shipping your car overseas will require shipping in an ocean container. This allows the car to be shipped in the container, loaded by you, as well as allow you to ship personal items in the remaining space. The container is then delivered to your new location.
3. Loading a car isn’t simple – You will still want to employ the help of professional car shippers to help you load your car in a secure manner that will allow the car to remain bump and scratch free.
4. Get insurance – When you’re the shipping your car and loading your car, your insurance might not cover any damage that follows, so check with your insurance agent. But if you hire professionals to load and ship your car, your insurance may cover any problems.
5. You’ll need more than just the container – After the car arrives at its destination, you will need to hire a trucking company to unload it and then send it to your home.
6. Consider RO/RO – This is known as ‘roll on, roll off’ shipping service in which the car is rolled onto the ship at the port and then rolled off at its destination. But this is not available in every case.
7. Have your papers in order – You will need a copy of the original title for your car as well as a letter from the lien holder, if one exists. This allows the cart to be exported. You might also need a bill of sale or bills of lading, depending on where you bought the car. Check with customs or local legal agencies if you’re not sure what you need.
8. Take time to shop around – When you look at various shipping companies to help you move your car, you will find that there are a range of quotes for certain services. Shopping around lets you get the best deal as well as the services you need.
9. Know your budget ahead of time – Try to have a figure in mind when you are shopping for shipping service. This will help you sort out the companies that are right for you.
10. Know what you need – Make sure that you know exactly what you need before you start looking for shipping services. This will allow you to have all of the services written into your service contract.