How to Make Extra Money When You’re Living Abroad

When you’re trying to make ends meet, you often have to look for creative ways to make money. But when you’re living abroad, this can seem a little more intimidating of a prospect. Instead of thinking that you need to forgo eating in order to pay your bills, why not try some of these creative ideas to start earning some extra money and still living in your new home?

There are lots of options to help save money and make a little extra on the side

  1. Try freelance writing – While most people think of writing as something that only novelists and journalists do, there’s a huge market for online writing jobs. And because you can access these jobs from the internet, you don’t need to be on location. Often known as ghostwriting, you might not see your name on the articles and essays you write, but you will still be getting paid for the work that you do. Try doing a search for ‘freelance writing’ to see what you come up with.
  2. Try auction sites – Just as they work everywhere else, sites like EBay are a great way to connect to the worldwide market and sell things to others. With a nominal start up fee and easy access to customers, you can quickly begin to make money when you offer a product people are looking for.
  3. Start your own blog – Another great invention of the internet is the blog in which you can write down your travel and living adventures. And while you can do this just for your personal enjoyment, many of the blogging services also allow you to post advertisements on your blog as well. When a reader clicks on these ads, you can get a small portion of the sales or simply a set price when every click, making you money without any work.
  4. Provide childcare – If you’re in an area with a lot of children and the local laws allow it, you might want to offer your services as a child care helper. By watching children in their homes or when they’re in your home, you can easily make some extra money.
  5. Try odd jobs – If you have a special talent or certification, try to advertise it or just let people know that you can help them. These small jobs can add up to big money for you.

There are plenty of ways to make additional money when you’re living overseas. But when you are making a significant amount of money , be sure to talk to a local financial specialist to see how you need to work with taxes, customs, etc.