About Efteling

Efteling is the best known theme park in Holland. It has been welcoming people to its ‘World of Wonders’ since 1952. Holland’s biggest theme park started out with the Fairytale Forest, which brought famous fairytales and sagas to life. Through the years, the park evolved into a modern theme park with the most modern attractions, a hotel and a holiday park. Since 2010 Efteling has been open every day. It is one of the best theme parks in Europe and draws millions of visitors from Holland and abroad each year. The Efteling has a reputation as a highly-professional, creative and efficient organisation which has been achieved through continued dedication to customer-oriented and customer-friendly products and services.


World of Wonders

Efteling consists of a central area and four realms. Fairytales and sagas are brought to life in the Fairy Realm. The roller coasters and other attractions in the Adventure Realm guarantee a lot of excitement and sensation. See if you can visit the forbidden cities and haunted castles in the Alternative Realm without breaking a sweat. Travel through Holland’s top theme park by boat, train or another means of transport in the Travel Realm. Naturally the park has countless restaurants where you can rest up with a drink and a bite. -Source by Holland



The success of Efteling has been attributed largely to its high-quality ride designs and architecture and its pleasant green environments and gardening. The park, under the aegis of its creative directors, has always had high standards. When Anton Pieck was asked to design the initial fairy tales for the park, he made sure the park would live up to his personal high standards: there would be no use of cheap building materials, plastic or concrete. Pieck’s illustration style, somewhat grim and dark, yet also romantic and nostalgic, was the thematic base on which most future expansions were built.

Pieck worked for Efteling until the mid-1970s, when his position as chief designer was passed on to the young Ton van de Ven. Van de Ven had already been working for Efteling for several years and Pieck was very pleased with his work. The Haunted Castle (het Spookslot), which opened in 1978 as the park’s first new large ride, was the first attraction designed entirely by Van de Ven (although he used some ideas from joint brainstorming sessions with Pieck). Later on he designed many more successful rides and new fairy tales, leading him to be considered by some as the world’s best ‘imagineer’ after Disney.

Van de Ven continued his work until 2002, when he retired. A new team of imagineers is currently working on new Efteling rides. -Source by Wikipedia


The Park

A division between see and do is not entirely clear for a theme park, but attractions will be considered under do.
A striking feature is that the attractions don’t stand out very much but rather blend into the surroundings. Only at the main squares you’ll find groups of attractions. Elsewhere they seem positioned rather randomly in the park between the lush green. It’s a deliberate choice because in addition to a theme park Efteling is also a nature park. So allow yourself to be surprised by what you find hiding around the corner.

Consequently the park is set in a real forest, and it shows: there’s a lot of green to see, and the small army of gardeners bring in large quantities of flowers each season. In fact, after entering the park you’ll be hard pressed to find any attraction at first glance. There’s also a collection of tame animals like peacocks, ducks, geese and other birds. Fair enough, this won’t be the main reason to visit the Efteling but it does contribute to the unique, relaxed and authentic vibe.

Also to see are the shows and wandering entertainment. Raveleijn is the major free parkshow extravaganza and requires reservation which can be obtained through ticket machines in front of the theater. During the summer there’s a free show at the open-air theater in the fairytale forest multiple times a day. And at the end of the day Efteling offers its “Pièce de Résistance”: Aquanura. If you have the chance see it after sunset. Besides that, the park features smaller shows which change by the season, and wandering theatrical entertainment. For an up-to-date list, be sure to catch the information leaflet when entering.

When the park has reduced opening in the winter time, a yearly changing large-scale musical production is set in the Efteling Theater. The show is not included in the park ticket and requires reservation. The shows are only in Dutch.
A remarkable figure around the park is Holle Bolle Gijs, a sturdy character similar to Humpty Dumpty, that is unsatisfiable in his hunger for paper. He keeps on asking “Paper Here”, and thanks visitors that feed him their waste. Source by Wikitravel



  • At the time of its opening in 1952, the original park included the Fairytale Forest with ten attractions, a playground, several miniature lakes, a tea house, a gift shop, four tennis courts, a paddling pool and a hectare of beautiful parkland.
  • Today, Efteling’s World of Wonders includes the Efteling Theme Park, Hotel Efteling, Efteling Golf Park, Efteling Events, Efteling Media, Efteling Theatre Productions, Efteling Radio, and Efteling Village Bosrijk, which is set to open in December 2009.
  • Efteling believes in the importance of the environment and set the trend for its current environmental policies back in 1959 with the introduction of Big Mouth the paper gobbler. Efteling has initiated several environmentally friendly projects, including the constructed wetlands project that has been purifying the water supply since 1997 and the implementation of an air conditioning system that uses a cold-water source. The newest initiative is the energy recycling CHP system that is set to be used to heat the water in the indoor water park at Efteling Village Bosrijk, Efteling’s new holiday park.
  • In addition, Efteling is proud of its careful landscaping and preservation of flora and fauna that thrive throughout the theme park, the golf park and the new Efteling Village Bosrijk holiday park. Source by Efteling