Types of English Language Schools in Taiwan

Most English instructors teach in private English “cram” schools (in Mandarin, buxibans – pronounced boo-she-ban). These provide courses at every level from elementary school to university. Aside from buxibans, ESL teachers are employed by private schools and private companies, and do in-home tutoring.

Located throughout Taiwan, buxibans vary greatly in size. Smaller schools have a more personal approach but may be less stable than the larger ones, and do not always offer their teachers a work permit.

Equally varied are the hiring criteria of buxibans. Some will employ foreigners whether or not they are native English speakers. Others insist on Anglophones with preferred (usually North American) accents. The typical full-time employee can expect to teach 15 to 25 hours per week. The work is physically demanding, especially classes for young children, and teachers must spend additional hours of preparation.