How to get a Work Visa / Work Permit for Taiwan

Canadians planning to visit Taiwan for 14 days or less do not need a visa to enter the island. A non-extendable single-entry visitor visa can be obtained upon arrival at the airport.

Canadians who wish to stay longer than 14 days must apply for a visitor or resident visa at a representative office outside Taiwan.

To work legally in Taiwan, you must have a resident visa that specifically states you are permitted to accept employment. Obtaining permission to work can be a challenge. You cannot apply for a work permit without assistance from your potential employer.

Many schools cannot legally sponsor foreign teachers for a work permit (often because they do not have a business licence) but will readily allow foreigners to work illegally, even without the appropriate visa.

Often foreigners are recruited from abroad and arrive in Taiwan, only to discover that their prospective employer is not able to arrange a work permit and resident visa, leaving them stranded and out of pocket. Contractual disputes, including claims for losses arising from misrepresentation of the terms and conditions of employment, can be dealt with only through the Bureau of Education of the municipal government where the employer is located (e.g. the cities of Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung). The Bureau will seek mediation with the employer. If this approach cannot resolve the matter, the only recourse is the local legal system.