Travel Gear

There are a variety of items I consider a ‘must-have’ when backpacking in Europe or otherwise. They range from money belts to clothes pins, to power converters.

Travel Gear – Essentials for Backpackers

Use the links below to check out some of the best essential travel accessories .

Backpacks – A backpack is your best investment. You’ll be essentially living out of it, and therefore if anything happens to your backpack you’re in serious trouble. Spend the money and get a strong durable pack and when you hit the road you’ll soon realize how important a good pack is.

Money Belts
Money Belts – Money belts are great to store your passport, money, and other essential documents. They fit snugly under your clothes around your waist, and there’s no way someone can grab it without you noticing. Next to a backpack and guide book, I’d say it’s the most important item you need with you. Click on the link above to view some of the different kinds of money belts.

Combination Locks
Combination Locks – Combination locks are great and very useful – You’ll need them in hostels in order to use their lockers, and purchase some small ones to keep your backpack locked from prying hands.