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Africa – the very word evokes so many images! Whether you’re looking for a safari in Kenya, diving with sharks in South Africa, or haggling in the markets of Morocco, Africa is waiting to be explored.

Destinations in Africa

Safaris, beaches, and everything from deserts to rainforests. Africa’s got it all!

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Top Destinations Canadians Should Consider this Coming Winter

There are many destinations that are ideal for taking a break from the cold, harsh winter weather. Cairo, Egypt If you enjoy hot weather, then you may wish to consider a holiday in Egypt. For those who are interested in visiting the historical sites, Cairo is a good location. Cairo, which is the largest city in ... Read more Top Destinations Canadians Should Consider this Coming Winter

The Best Hostels in Egypt for Travelling Canadians

Traveling to a foreign country which is very different from Canada can be frightening. If you have prepared yourself ahead of time, the fear factor is less. Use to find out what other Canadians have to say about touring, working in, or studying in Egypt. For example, learn what they have to say about ... Read more The Best Hostels in Egypt for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Johannesburg for Travelling Canadians

Though both nations are part of the British Commonwealth, South Africa is a very different region than Canada and visitors may be a bit overwhelmed once they arrive in the southernmost part of the African continent. Anyone looking to save money while seeing the sights can choose one of the best hostels in Johannesburg rather ... Read more The Best Hostels in Johannesburg for Travelling Canadians

Cape Town, South Africa Travel Advice

As the second biggest city in South Africa, Cape Town is also the southernmost city in the country. Also known as the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town boasts a thriving metropolis as well as access to the surrounding natural beauty. You can go to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or Two Oceans Aquarium if you're ... Read more Cape Town, South Africa Travel Advice

Johannesberg, South Africa Travel Advice

The largest city in South Africa is a popular tourist destination, and it's easy to see why. With a magnificent skyline and plenty to do, you can become lost in the mix of modern design and a rich ethnic history. From the Gold Reef City gold mines, Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the Apartheid Museum to ... Read more Johannesberg, South Africa Travel Advice

Nairobi, Kenya Travel Advice

As the largest city in Kenya, Nairobi has been through more turmoil than many other similar areas in the region. In the early 1900s, a plague forced the city to be burned to the ground in order to be rebuilt. Having to work so hard as establishing itself has created a thriving city that is ... Read more Nairobi, Kenya Travel Advice

Fez, Morocco Travel Advice

The ancient walled city of Fez in Morocco is often compared to the similar structure of Jerusalem in design. Once the capital of Morocco in medieval times, this ancient city is a maze of roads and sights, but is well worth a trip. The Karourine Mosque is one example of 9th century architecture contrasted slightly ... Read more Fez, Morocco Travel Advice

Marrakech, Morocco Travel Advice

Like many other cities in Morocco, Marrakech is divided into two distinct parts - the Medina (or old city) and the new part with Hivernage and Gueliz. This combination of old and new creates a backdrop of interesting architecture and sights for all travellers. Marrakech travel tips & advice To get a real feel for the city, ... Read more Marrakech, Morocco Travel Advice

African Safaris in Kenya

What to Expect on a Kenyan Safari While going on a safari conjures up images of dusty vehicles and plenty of animals to take pictures of, this is not the way it has to be. Of course, you can find many a dusty and rugged trip to sign up for, but when it comes to modern ... Read more African Safaris in Kenya

Camel Treks in the Sahara Desert

Getting up onto a camel is an exhilarating experience that can not be replicated. Traveling through the Sahara Desert as ancient nomads once did allows you to see the land in a new and completely different way ' creating a far better experience than any travel guide or picture book could. To make sure you're ... Read more Camel Treks in the Sahara Desert

Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt

What you might not realize is that there are over 100 pyramids throughout Egypt, but when you want to travel to see them specifically, most people choose the group known as the Great Pyramids. Located in Giza, these pyramids were created to symbolize the creation of the world, as the ancient Egyptians understood life. There ... Read more Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt