Travel Algeria

While Algeria is similar to other North African countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, sadly, years of civil war have taken it’s toll. Algeria is not exactly the most tourist friendly country in the region and the political situation is quite volatile.

Algeria Travel Tips & Advice

Despite the dangers of traveling in Algeria, if you take some precautions and hire a qualified guide you’ll have an amazing experience visiting one of North Africa’s most beautiful areas. ALgiers is the capital of Algeria, and you’ll notice the familiar colonial style architecture and layout common to many other cities in North Africa. The main draw for tourists to Algeria is of course the famous Sahara desert.

In 2003 there were some high profile kidnappings that occurred where European tourists were taken hostage while traveling through the Sahara tribal regions. It’s therefore important to remember that it’s in your best interests to travel with a guide and be aware that a trek through Algeria’s most remote regions is not for the casual tourist.

Flights to Algeria / How to Get There

Air France provides several flights from France to Algeria, and it’s common to fly either into Algeria or deeper to the Saharan city of Tamanrasset.

Hotels in Algeria / Where to Stay

Algiers has several hotels and hostels, and when you venture further into the Sahara, you’ll find you may end up sleeping in various guest houses and ‘spartan’ accommodation.